The business sector plays an important role in childhood obesity prevention by fostering a culture of health and wellness and identifying policies and programs that promote access and consumption of healthy foods and beverages and physical activity.


Strategy 1

Create and implement comprehensive worksite wellness policies that promote the consumption of healthy foods and beverages, support physical activity and trauma-informed practices.

Strategy 2

Promote breastfeeding as the healthiest first food by implementing workplace lactation policies which include access to lactation accommodations.

Strategy 3

Establish and implement healthy meeting and celebration guidelines.

Strategy 4

Provide access to fresh, clean water throughout the workday.

Strategy 5

Support and incentivize active transport to the workplace.


Icon Legend for Strategies

Create healthy food environments
Reduce access to and consumption of sugar sweetened beverages
Increase participation in safe physical activity
Promote breastfeeding
Focus on early childhood

Develop and engage youth, families and communities
Partner with land use & regional planning efforts
Collaborate with food and nutrition programs
Focus on Policy & Advocacy