The agriculture sector plays a valuable role in the Central Valley and is positioned to be a strong partner in efforts to reduce childhood obesity. Access to healthy food is critical to children’s health and there is no sector more influential to this need than the agriculture sector.


Strategy 1

Make healthy, sustainable food easily accessible to all consumers (ie. support gleaning programs).

Strategy 2

Collaborate with community organizations, schools, and health providers to strengthen healthy eating and physical activity environments in the community.

Strategy 3

Promote the development of healthy, sustainable community gardens.

Strategy 4

Participate in local coalitions or partnerships that aim to promote policy, systems, and environmental changes for healthy eating.


Icon Legend for Strategies

Create healthy food environments
Reduce access to and consumption of sugar sweetened beverages
Increase participation in safe physical activity
Promote breastfeeding
Focus on early childhood

Develop and engage youth, families and communities
Partner with land use & regional planning efforts
Collaborate with food and nutrition programs
Focus on Policy & Advocacy