Identifying strategies and actions to prevent childhood obesity in our communities throughout the Central Valley will require attention to policy and advocacy. Developing our communities ensures that those who will be most impacted by laws and policies continue to remain at the center of our work to create healthy and equitable communities.

Policy Brief

This policy brief provides information to help inform elected officials and decision-makers on the childhood obesity epidemic.

Legislation Alerts

Please note, information posted in this section is to inform you of policies and laws that are being introduced on the local, state, and federal level. If Communities for Healthy Kids endorses any piece of legislation, that information will be clearly displayed.

SB 200: Safe and Affordable Drinking Water Fund (Monning/E. Garcia)

Currently over one million Californians, across the state, are living without safe, affordable drinking water. Passage of the Safe and Affordable Drinking Water Fund represents an unprecedented step towards achieving every California’s basic human right to safe water, and will permanently and positively change the lives of one million Californians without safe drinking water.

SB 499: California Grown for Healthy Kids (McGuire)

This bill would create and sustain equitable, healthy, hunger free schools through an extra 10¢ per breakfast reimbursement to purchase California-grown fresh fruits and vegetables for districts providing universally free school meals.

Local Proclamations, Resolutions & Ordinances

Communities for Healthy Kids is committed to identifying opportunities to introduce proclamations, resolutions, and ordinances throughout the Central Valley – at the City, County, or School District level. As we do so, we will post copies of the documents here for our regional partners to use within their own communities.

Community Development

Cultiva La Salud is helping to build the capacity for community-driven transformations which ultimately leads to better outcomes where children and families have greater access to healthy food, beverages and physical activity resources. Cultiva La Salud launched a community leadership development program (Powerful People: Building Leadership for Healthy Communities), preparing emerging community leaders with the skills and tools necessary to foster environmental and policy change that supports healthy eating and active living.

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Community Engagement Assessment Tool. For more community engagement resources, learn more.

Youth Development

Youth Commission in Madera, CA: The purpose of the City-Wide Youth Commission is to bring Madera’s young people to the decisionmaking table on issues impactful to youth within the jurisdiction of the city. The Youth Commission will serve as a space where young people can work to create positive change in our community. Young people will have a voice in shaping and developing social, economic, recreational, and educational programs that serve youth.

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For Healthcare Providers

The Advocacy Toolbox is designed to assist healthcare professionals to take a stand in their communities and workplaces to advocate for healthy eating and active living for children and their families.

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Achieving Health Equity Through Law & Policy

When policy change is local, it is more likely to be grounded in a deep understanding of the health needs, community goals, and lived experiences of residents. This is why local solutions are more likely to reduce health inequities and create lasting change.” ‌